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Asifma Agreement among

The Asia Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (ASIFMA) is a leading industry association that aims to promote the development of the securities and financial markets in Asia. Among its many initiatives and programs, one of the most significant is the ASIFMA Agreement Among Derivatives Market Participants.

The ASIFMA Agreement is a voluntary framework that was developed to help promote greater consistency and standardization among derivatives market participants. Specifically, the agreement outlines a set of common principles and guidelines that should be followed by all signatories when trading in the derivatives market.

The agreement covers a variety of areas, including risk management, compliance, legal and operational issues, and market conduct. By following these principles, participants can help ensure that their operations are transparent, fair, efficient, and consistent with industry best practices.

One of the main benefits of the ASIFMA Agreement is that it helps promote greater trust and confidence among participants in the derivatives market. Because all signatories agree to follow the same guidelines, there is greater predictability and transparency in the market, which can help reduce the risk of misconduct, fraud, or other negative outcomes.

Another key advantage of the ASIFMA Agreement is that it helps promote greater regulatory compliance. By following the principles outlined in the agreement, participants can help ensure that they are meeting all relevant regulatory requirements and avoiding potential legal or regulatory issues.

Given the importance of the derivatives market in Asia, the ASIFMA Agreement is a valuable tool for promoting greater consistency and standardization across the region. By helping to promote greater trust, transparency, and regulatory compliance, the agreement can help ensure the long-term growth and success of the securities and financial markets in Asia.


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